Top 5 things to do during an event

Top 5 things to do during an event

This is the time when stress level for event planners are at their highest. Arriving early gives you the chance to familiarize yourself with the venue and make sure everything is in place.

Once the event starts, the planner’s attention must turn to their guests. Guests should be greeted and counted in, and speakers should be told about the audio arrangements. At this point, communication between the venue, staff and guests is essential to keep the event running to schedule. If anything goes wrong, keep calm and try not to draw attention to the problem. Remember, no one else will have a blueprint for the event, so there’s every chance it will go unnoticed.

These are some points which we have to consider during an event:

  1. Remain calm: Firstly, you have to take deep breathe, and then relax your mind to start an event. Don’t bother yourself by thinking lots of things about the presentation.


  1. Speak fluent body language: You can speak as you have prepared as the days before the event. After, the speaker begins, make sure the sound can be heard in back, and late comers sit as quietly as possible


  1. Listen to the relevant authorities: The relevant authority for making development decisions will be either the local council in whose area the development is proposed to be carried out. Listening to relevant authorities, you can learn something extra and get some idea to present your presentation.


  1. Remember your emergency plan: Sometimes things go wrong. Public speakers can drop out, people will change their mind, and venues could cancel last minute and so on. Always ensure you have emergency option for every avenue. Make sure you have other public speaking options and you’re not relying on one particular sponsor. But more importantly, always have emergency option.


  1. Earn media coverage: Skills must be invested to develop relationships with journalists, and guide them towards supportive reporting. During an event, you must have something interesting topic and some important points, where media will be more interested and focused on you.
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