How do you promote an event for free?

How do you promote an event for free?

Planning an event is not an easy task, there’s so much to do. But, the worst fear of any event marketer is to plan every detail of the event and when it comes to the big day of the event, no one shows up. It’s very hard to reach the right people, to reach to right people we have to promote our event as much as we can in different ways. If you have a budget to advertise your event in national publications then its good if not no need to freak out! Everyone love to get free things.

Following are the things to be considered while promoting the event for free and get the audience:

  1. Create an event on AttendanEvent and promote it on your business page and other different pages and groups: You can post your event on AttendanEvent website, we will promote your events in free in our pages and groups. Your event may be more successful and you do not have to pay extra amount for the promotion of your event.


  1. Other social network media deserve love too. So, promote your event in twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.: Nowadays, most of the people love to use social media to search events. Social media is probably about to move more toward ephemeral sharing for quicker, more intimate sharing without the stress of having to blast something out to hundreds or thousands of followers that stays up there unless it’s manually deleted.


  1. Send email again and again: You should have to send mail to event attendees before an event. You should remind them after an email message is sent, you can resend the same message. This is useful if one or more of the message recipients tell you that they didn’t receive the first message, or you want to quickly send the message to new recipients.


  1. Post a short video with highlights from other similar events: Making short video about an event and posting in social media can also be helpful to promote your event. From that also, many people will get information about an event.


  1. Keep sharing the post: You can post your event on AttendanEvent website, we will be posting your event in our pages and groups before an event. You can give more detail about your event, where people will find easy to reach in an event venue.


  1. Blogging: Blogging is useful to people to get more detail about your event. You can make blog about your event and promote on social media to get more people to attend an event.


  1. Newsletter: A newsletter is a regularly distributed publication that is generally about one main topic of interest to its subscribers. Active Network, offers e-newsletter marketing opportunities to promote your organization or event to a targeted list of active lifestyle subscribers. Reach thousands through our relevant e-newsletters, packed with tips, packed with tips, resources and upcoming events.


  1.  Word of mouth: Try to get those people to tell their friends, colleague, and relatives for the bigger outcome.: People who are more interact with other people, they can also help you to promote your event. You should have to share all the details about your event and request them to promote event.
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